10 Modern Ways To Wear A Saree & Make A Statement With It

A saree is oftentimes associated with traditional clothing but fairly, there's no better conventional style than the six-yard trend. Whether you club a trench coat with it or a wrap a belt around a saree, there are endless ways in which you can add an oomph to the cultural garb. 

While saree is an experimental silhouette, it's also a tricky style statement. If you love saree but don’t have a knack for it just as yet, we have a quick guide ready for you. We scoured and found these amazing styling ideas, that will help you make a head-turning statement as you wear a saree. 

You can easily accomplish the style code with the existing pieces in your wardrobe and jewellery, and do a 180 with the overall styling. Check it out. 

  1. Wear A Balloon Sleeve Crop Top
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Traditional, embroidered blouses look good with saree but if you wish to amplify your garb, swap the heavy blouses for a more off-duty style. The sleeve can instantly add a chic, western touch to your saree. The exaggerated sleeves can help you break from the norm. Opt for ruffled or balloon sleeves and you’ll be stunned to see how good it looks.

  1. Saree With Chic Trousers
Image courtesy: Shaadiwish


Whoever said a saree can only be worn over a petticoat, definitely didn't know other ways to style it. Go monochromatic with the top and the pants for this look and opt for a bright saree to go over this combination. Sum up the look with a statement belt and see the garb scream fashion. 

  1. Add A Formal Touch With Blazers
Image courtesy: Wedding Wire India

For an ensemble that draws every eye, even when you are at work, is by layering a contrasting blazer over the saree. If you are wearing a subtle hued, floral saree, then a bright blazer over it, would raise the stakes higher. Then, pile on some minimalistic jewellery to complete the look.

  1. Draping Dupatta & Saree Together
Image courtesy: g3 Fashion

A beautiful vibrant, silk dupatta can raise the traditional quotient of your attire, and still, add a dab of contemporary to it. Wear your saree as you would and add a dupatta to it, to make an avant-garde statement. To sum it up, layer a thin belt over it, for simple yet fashionable styling.

  1. Make It Bohemian With Denim Shirt
Image courtesy: Fashion Lady

You usually whip out your denim shirt to do a double denim style. But, ever thought of wearing it with a saree? Make your styling look brand new and deck up, by opting for a dark-hued shirt. underneath a saree. To make it look more bohemian, add a long tribal necklace. Bonus points, when you finish off this look with a fringed backpack and brown boots.

  1. Knot It Up 
Image courtesy: Pinterest

For a full display of elegant drape, there's another way to stand out, is by opting for a staple piece - a white shirt. Take an oversized white shirt and wear a saree, but instead of buttoning the shirt, knot it, over the saree. Wear long silver earrings to up the chic factor and don't forget to team your pumps here.

  1. Dhoti Style Saree
Image courtesy: Shoprapy

The dhoti style belongs to the traditional Maharashtrian 'Nauvaari' saree. The trend was majorly popularised by Bollywood divas. There are two ways to work the Dhoti style saree. You can go for ready-to-wear style or there are ways in which you can even drape it. To add a modern twist to it, you can wear an off-shoulder crop top below and chunky sneakers.

  1. Make A Dramatic Statement With A Dress
Image courtesy: Indiacontempo

If you are gutsy and you want to make it fashion but add drama to it, draping your saree over a dress will infuse the right amount of contemporary touch to the look. Finish off this look by adding a belt with it. The result? More drama, more style, you can see it yourself.

  1. Wrap It Around Like A Shawl
Image courtesy: Amazon Fashion Week

While adding a belt grants major chicness to your look, how about transforming and upgrading this look a little? Instead of opting for a belt, try a new draping style. Take a relaxed fabric saree, in linen or khadi. Drape it like you would and instead of leaving the Pallu, wrap it around your neck for added drama. 

  1. Over The Top Is In 
Image courtesy: Aien Jamir

And if you are ready to dive into the world of OTT and make the elegant drape turn into something absolutely bold and contemporary, try out this kitschy way of pairing your saree. Opt for a printed crop top and couple it with ripped or patched jeans. Add a bohemian jacket and do half drape saree with on your jeans. More is definitely more!  


At Radhika and Raghav, you will find fresh ways to style your ensembles. This one is our ode to the classic trend and if you are a fan, just like us, we're here to make your wardrobe super happy with our avant-garde saree collection. Check it out.

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