6 Ways To Get Creative With Your Lehenga & Make It Look Stylish

A lehenga has become a wedding staple in our wardrobes. In fact, it's hard to even have a wedding without at least one lehenga choli. The flattering trousseau goes under intricate work, to finally become the product of your dreams. 

So, if your partner recently popped the question or if your friend is having an intimate wedding, now is the time to upgrade the lehenga trend. There are some unconventional ways in which you can repurpose the lehenga or style it in an unconventional manner.

Here’s how you can get creative with your lehenga and make it a stylish addition. 

  1. Ask Your Tailor To Weave Your Story

A lot of brides these days don’t stick to the fashion norms, rather they are up for experimenting and elevating their wedding lehenga game. 

Remember how Priyanka Chopra Jonas got her long veil embroidered with her love story? You can do the same, by giving the tailor a basic sketch and asking him to work a little part of your story on the lehenga.

  1. Add Quirky Tassels 

The usual, pom pom latkans have become a thing of the past. Now, you can make your lehenga look quirkier by adding a new sort of latkan design. From cycle latkans to kaleere latkans, there are a plethora of new designs that have popped up. Push the sartorial envelope, by adding this eye-catching element. 

  1. Wear A Waistbelt 

Wearing a waistbelt is quite in these days. For one, it lets the dupatta sit well with the rest of your outfit and it also elevates your fashion game. This is a perfect wedding outfit for the modern bride. With delicate handwork done on the belt, matching the tones of the attire, you can make an avant-garde statement with it. 

  1. Attach Cape Sleeves

Not just bridesmaid, but even brides are trying the new style hack of attaching the cape to the choli, instead of wearing a dupatta. Don't go for contrasting colours, rather opt for the same colour tone for the cape as that of your blouse. To make it stand out, wear your art deco earrings with it while keeping the makeup minimal. 

  1. Wear A Sheer Jacket 

Another style statement that became a big hit, is a sheer jacket. For a millennial-approved look, ditch the traditional dupatta and keep the look interesting by layering a sheer jacket, in net or lace fabric over your intricately worked lehenga. 

  1. Experiment With The Hem 

One way to play with the hem of your lehenga is by opting for a completely different coloured can-can underneath it. Apart from that, you can also go fringes, ruffled hems, or gathers at the hem, instead of going for the same, done and dusted borders. 

If you are the bride, who wants to make her wedding trousseau look unique and unconventional, take notes from these creative ways. We assure you oodles of attention! For more, scour our website and find your dream lehenga with Radhika & Raghav.

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