Accessories That Are Suited For Your Contemporary Fits

Boho style may be one of the hardest fashion trends to pull off, but if you learn the basics of it, you will be able to put together outfits. It's not just long maxi dresses or a fringe bags or the boots that complete the outfit, but you also need accessories to make it a little bit more exaggerated. Case in point, we are talking about belts. 

In today's time, boho outfits have changed from the ones we used to see at Coachella. The trend has modernised, to such an extent that women are infusing it in Indian silhouettes as well. Pairing them with sarees or layering them with kurtas, the boho belts have come a long way.

Ahead we have put together some amazing belts from our collection, Even if you don't wish to create a boho outfit, these belts will still convince you to own them because of their intricate work and enchanting design. 

  1. The Colourful Charm

We have all been awed by the beauty of the accessory world. But it's not always just jewellery that makes the outfit stand out. Sometimes a belt can do more than just keeping an outfit intact. Our Alisha belt adds the right kind of oomph and glamorizes any basic outfit. Embellished with stones with floral design and stone danglers, this style is one of the easiest ways to uplift a boho look. Throw in a solid dress and layer a kimono on top. Finish off this look with Alisha belt for a fool-proof chic ensemble. 

  1. Add Some Badassery

If black has been your go-to, here's how you can make any garb look badass. It's not just leather belts that can add the cool flair. Our embellished Noor belt gives an edge to any outfit that you are planning to wear. Made with striking stones and bead embroidery, this belt adds a polish touch to your look. The next time you are headed for an evening soiree, pair it over your ruffled black saree and nude heels for more sass.

  1. Make It Look Vintage 

Some of today's trends are a repeat of yesterday. From granny glasses to silk scarves, many trends made a resurgence. For anyone, who loves a good vintage find, our Kaira belt will raise your sartorial quotient instantly. If you have a penchant for muted tones and exquisite embroidery, then you can champion an ensemble by pairing this belt with it. Create an outfit by teaming a long kurta in a solid hue with ripped jeans. Layer a dupatta like a jacket and then jazz it up with this vintage-inspired belt. 

These are just a few belts from our collection. If this has you intrigued, check out our accessories section for more styles that promise to elevate your sartorial statement.

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